Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Is Crisis Evangelism a disaster relief organization?
A: Not in the way most Christians mean it. Crisis Evangelism is focused on declaring the Good News of Jesus Christ in the wake of large-scale disasters. The only supplies we bring are ones for evangelism and for putting the emphasis on the local congregation engaged in disaster relief.

2. Q: How do you put the focus on the local congregation?
We bring signs, shirts, labels, and other gear that identifies and promotes the local work. We also use our social media and web presence to help make the brotherhood aware of the efforts of the congregation with which we are evangelizing.

3. Q: What evangelism materials and tools do you use?
A: We use the NKJV Study bible by WBS, “Back to the Bible” for Bible Studies, “The Beginning of our Confidence” for new converts and tracts written by Allen Webster and Mark Weaver.

4. Q: How are you organized, or, what is your authority to do this?
A: Our authority to evangelize comes from Jesus in the great commission, Matt. 28. 18-20, Mark 16.15-16. Crisis Evangelism is a work of the East Huntsville church of Christ, and is under the authority of her elders. Mark Weaver, the principal evangelist, is a member at East Huntsville.

5. Q: Who will do follow up after you leave?
A: We will coordinate with the local congregation with which we are working. If the number of potential converts is too large, we will continue to help, both in person and by Facetime and Skype.

6. Q: How do you decide where to go?
If there is a tornado, fire, flood, or other natural or man-made disaster, often times a congregation of the Lords’ Church will seek to help by offering meals, supplies, and other assistance. We seek out a faithful congregation engaged in this excellent work and offer to come and help with evangelism. Because of how we function, this costs the brethren engaged in disaster relief nothing.

7. Q: Where will you stay while you are on a crisis site? Won’t it be a burden to house someone from out of town?
A: We have a small camper which we use to transport supplies and live in. With the permission of the local elders, we will park it in their parking lot.

8. Q: What can I do to help?
A. Our greatest needs at this stage of development are prayers and financial supporters. Please pray for this new type of mission work to succeed in promoting the cause of Christ. If you have room in your personal or congregational budget, please partner with us by making either a one time or monthly contribution.

9. Q: How do I give to this work?
A: You can send a check made payable to East Huntsville church of Christ. Please write “Crisis Evangelism” on the memo line and send it to 801 Humes Ave NW, Huntsville AL 35801.